Marketing Strategy Template for Startup Company 

(Includes Physical and Digital Product)

"A strategy indicates the most advantageous direction for an organisation to take over a defined period of time.  

AD360.eu Site Audit Report Template

A list of browser extensions we use. Some you may know. Others will be new to you. If you have all of them already, come work with us : )

Digital Automation Process Map  - Build a Digital Marketing Machine 

Complete guide to Facebook Ad targeting - Uploaded from  AdvertiseMint - Enjoy!

SEM Rush Checklist - An on-site SEO audit that includes an explanation of the most essential points you'll need to consider. 

Handy 1 page SEO Audit overview from Evolve Digital Labs

Periodic Table of SEO - SearchEngineLand.com Useful visual tools presented in an engaging way -good for presentations.

"Today, search engines are smarter - they look for content that truly fulfills what searchers are looking for."

Nice visual SEO Audit checklist (Infographic)

Huge Infographic with nice insight into SEO. Also available here: goo.gl/grYAhH

50 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Publishing Your Online Content #Infographic

Killer Content Strategy (PDF)

Social Media Channel Checklist

KeyChain - Full "Out of Box" Digital Automation Process Flow - Deliver Real Results. Automate Channels. Add Analytics. Choose Your Platforms.

A list of often used IFTTT codes - not sequenced.

Wordpress Plugins List - Social Networking

AD360 Company Profile