Anywhere-☎️- Anytime

Our support policy is straightforward. We are not selling a standalone service or single product.  Our objective is to forge and develop strong partnerships. 

Our team is available directly using the contact page link below...

Phone contact is direct. There is no contact centre, no "on hold music" or "they just popped out." Simple, direct, contact with your personal account manager, by email or phone.

                                        Emergency Phone Contact +359 88 237 1519 

                                         This is a paid service - there is no lo-call number.

*A note on phone contact - phone is considered an emergency channel in terms of support. For less immediate requests (6 hours+), a detailed email works better, is usually more consise, clear, and task oriented, being easily logged and forwarded quickly to the right person. *Use email!

We are contactable via 1 social messaging channel -  the Linkedin company account page (we do not track Twitter DMs nor use Facebook messenger - to save time).  

Response time during business hours 8am - 6pm GMT is 3 working days. These social media channels are monitored daily: Linkedin, Twitter and

Support is 24/7 across all geographies - if your account manager is off duty, your request will be dealt with by our on call team and directed to your account manager with priority status (1 business day/8 hour SLA).

Terms & Conditions

Our support model is that your business is our business. We work to resolve all issues as quickly as possible, to your satisfaction. 

Our project management principle is to agree on written scope early in the process, document timelines and stick to pricing. Change requests will be written, confirmed, and signed off bilaterally, by email.

Issue resolution has a 3 day turnaround time. For serious issues, you will be updated that further time is required to escalate or resolve an issue.  A timeline and contact point/person will be assigned directly to follow up after 3 days.  

There is no "I want to speak to your manager clause."  Our support staff are empowered to offer a resolution on first contact. If this is not possible, escalation is freely available, internally by email. You would then receive a follow up contact, on your prefered channel, from our support team leader.  

In the event that we cannot come to a resolution that satisfies your team or end client, we will return any service fees paid, returning any data, materials or content remaining in our domain. 

In cases where we have invested time, energy and resources on a project - we will deduct fair market value for those services and return the remainder within 1 calendar month.

In the event that no agreed resolution is possible, we reserve the right to seek legal redress in the Bulgarian or UK jurisdiction.