SEO is easy, check these guys...

    • Clear, uncluttered landing page
    • Text box with flashing cursor
    • Icon for vocal interface... that's it!

Key Point: Keep it simple. Understand your customer's needs. Easy navigation. 

A lot of it is simple stuff. Can you read it? Is it useful? Is it more useful and better laid out than the next most useful item on this subject? What is the domain and context? How would you find similar information? Do people come back to your site, image or post?

SEO Audit

A site audit looks at how well your site functions across a number of key areas.

A site audit is not just for nerds.

 It is a valuable tool to grow your online presence.

Landing Pages

Not every customer reaches your site by url. There are more than "50 ways" to lose (or find) a lover...

The graphic below shows Direct (url) Referral - traffic coming from another site Search - My friends in Google Social - our super social media platforms Mail - clicks from email campaigns or Display - clicks from advertising. 

You could also include SMS, Business card, QR codes, Guest Blogging, Traditional - flyers, shows, or networking, events, competitions, promotions, vouchers or word of mouth.


Customers need to know you can be trusted. 

An "About Us" page gives a huge amount of data on any company - [stated and unstated]. 

Its values, ethics and type of leadership, decision makers and contact points (when things go wrong).

Cross reference the "talking heads" on their chosen social media with the "real" output of a company.

Follow a business on social media channels before making contact? 

Your customer will do the same!  Buyers looks for "social proof"

Call To Action!

They found you.

Now what?

Not all customers are actively shopping. Many are browsing or come upon your site by some happy circumstance.  You are opening a dialogue. 

Conversation can flow. You can make offers. You can indicate useful learning material or even direct a browser to sign up for a newsletter

Options are endless. The choice is yours.