Digital Media 
Make your Web Presence Glow

Digital Media is publishing 🎁.

You own the printing machines, editors, distribution channels and sales people - it's all you.

Don't let it scare you. Your idea is just as important as anyone else's.

Three Steps - 1.Connect

Connected - is the key word. As a business, your customers want to find you online to prove that you exist, that you are trustworthy enough to deal with.

This means your strategy must address two criteria at a minimum. 



Social Media is not a Facebook page, although it can be. 

There is a lot of "noise" (noise = interruption in communication) online. To create something which your target market sees, readsunderstands is a communicative role. 

You must connect with current customers and potential customers.

Doing three things...

1. Build a target following

2. Publish information that is valuable

3. Attract wider interest

Lets stop for a rest after this...

To build a following, we use platforms (social + search + display). Each platform is distinct and has individual nuances. I tend not to like Facebook, as me, because I spend all day talking to cousins and school friends - but other people seem to love it. 

I do like Twitter, as do most other power social media users - even though main stream media gives it a bad rap, {possibly because of its reach and power}. 

There is an element of personal choice or personal branding in the channels you use. People know they will not find me on FaceBook, so I use it as a signpost to other sites.

To publish information that is valuable - we must use the power of topic related content, allied to the platform we are on. 

For example, You Tube is the No.2 Search Engine.  Many brands cannot devote the time to creating, uploading and editing video - if you build on You Tube you need to take the time to learn your {visual advertising and video} craft. 

Blogging, on the other hand, has a deep well of platforms on which to draw water.

TIP. If you blog, re-publish (syndicate) on multiple platforms, index the content back to your main site, using keywords and hashtags that match your topic content.

Attract Interest. Here we come to the part about developing your skills, your brand and your audience. Like most media forms it takes time to build a readership. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck aside, writing tends not to push you into the spotlight. Your writing must strike a chord (an affinity) with your audience. 

TIP.The 80/20 rule works here - do not sell all the time. Make your sales patter 1/5th of the overall content. People do expect to be sold something, after all its media, not meditation.

Another key point is being consistent.  Offline businesses run seasonal campaigns, regular ads and targeted promotions. Online is no different; be fresh, topical, timely.

Engage customers. It's a two way street. That is something many businesses miss. I personally like businesses that reply to harsh or unfair trolling, it shows a belief and that someone cares. Bosses, on the other hand, prefer to keep a "traditional" customer feedback pattern, corporate feel (even in startups) and "professional" behavior. Misses the point; lurking, instead of working.

While we are on the subject of customers, digital gives you tremendous tool-kits to track and manage your customer flow, focus on repeat interactions and develop outreach programs. 

The cost/benefit ratio is worth looking at, seriously.


Branding ?

Marketing Strategy?

Digital Strategy?


Customer Feedback?


You know your KPI from your ROI but need a little help...

What are you selling?

Where is your audience?


Who is your audience?

How do you reach them?

What is your ROI?

What channels?



Use Canva?







Doing well? How can you tell?

Your marketing mix is rich?

Repeat business?

Google FireBase?

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You have a great product. Now lets show it off.

Elevate your game to a global level. 

"How?" You ask.