Your Facebook Business Page


Pauline Cabrera discusses "Woobox" Apps. Woobox makes it easy to share your social content on your Facebook page by linking your themed social profiles or pages. 

Woobox allows you to customize the way your content appears on Facebook. Worth having a look, as its a very flexible app.

We are starting from the viewpoint that you already have a personal Facebook profile.  If you don't, here is the link.

Having a Facebook Business page gives you global visibility. A business page allows you to show promotional content and sell your brand

I prefer not to dumb down this article too much, in an effort to advance key benefits for Facebook business users (Making it "how to do" rather than "lets have that") .  Lets keep the balance.  If there are good links, we will add those as referral points, like this one.

More Customisation


Pagemodo offers custom tabs. You can have 1 for free

We use our one for branding, but you can customize designs to your own requirements.

Facebook owns Instagram so sharing is easy. 

The great thing about this is that you can share them directly from Instagram app by clicking "Share" and choosing Facebook from the menu. A photo borrows your original caption, so no need to write a new one.

"The Medium is the Message"

From the preceding sections you may feel that we didn't do a good job of explaining exactly how to optimise Facebook for business.  We actually considered that criticism before writing this article :) So what you got was an "eye in the sky" view rather than a "rip the engine out" version...

Facebook can be used in many different ways, depending on your particular social or selling requirements. For business customers it can be a mish mash of different options, opinions and opportunities.  As McLuhan said a long time ago (1964): "The medium is the message."