*While Stocks Last.


Carista is Amazon's Most Gifted this Holiday Season

The Good News

Amazon is the world's largest marketplace. Amazon customers like Carista.

Carista is an Amazon's Choice product, Top Seller,"most wished for" product and "most gifted" product.

The reason for these accolades are not because Amazon thinks we are good. It is because people who bought the adapter decided to buy one for a friend or colleague. People who knew what they got and the price they paid for it, think; yeah! I'll have another please.

*For supported models only. Find all supported models here: https://caristaapp.com/all-vehicles

Get access to completely free features and a 1 month trial of our premium tools.

To see if your car is supported, go to https://caristaapp.com/vehicles

The Carista App is available for Android and iOS

The Carista OBD2 Adapter is available from Amazon UK/FR/DE/IT/JP or directly from our site or through our partners ECS Tuning (US), AutoInstruct(Aus) and Carista - Japan.

The Not so Good News

I was going to give a sneak Black Friday preview to BeBee readers. Unfortunately we've run low on stock in Europe, so the preview is a no go.

It is difficult to find an OBD2 adapter anywhere. I asked the boss how many were there in Europe. He said 5. I said; 500? He said; No, just 5.

The No.1 auto app on Amazon UK and Japan right now is?

The most wished for?

You've guessed it!

Our hardware offer this year will be ...

*Currently out of stock in Europe. Awaiting a shipment.

This is not a fantastic offer.*

We did have the idea of running a concurrent offer on user subscriptions for renewals.

The idea was to make the offer of a renewed subscription a point of interest for customers this week. Unfortunately the app store did not play nicely. They considered our standard initial 1-month free subscription a form of discount and we cannot offer another variation on top of that.

As far as I know there was not the same issue with Google Play, but we work on both channels, so the offer has to apply to both, evenly.

I am a frequent user of GoDaddy. They do quite a few variations on this discounting theme, short selling the first year of a multiple year deal or allowing different user purchase codes. We would like to offer something similar, but it is not to be this Black Friday.

We are looking at how to offer these kinds of subscription based (loyalty) discounts in the future.

*While stocks last. Sold Out.