Top Twitter Tips - Business reply to automated DMs


Twitter is a busy channel for most companies.  What it does very well is put instant data out there in the public domain.

The downside is that peope direct message (DM) or follow up with you on Twitter. Many DMs fall into a category I would call "Twitter clutter." 

As a result, for active Twitter accounts (like this guy below), DMs fall out of favour as a contact channel, mainly because its hard to sort business customers from automated spam. This means few businesses rely on Twitter messages to actively engage with active and potential customers, even though it is the first point of contact.

What Changed?

"Default Welcome Message"

Twitter introduced a business reply service (2016) that ameliorates some of this missed connection potential.

Receive Direct Messages from anyone...

You can also tick a box to receive messages from customers unconnected with your profile, which gives added value to the Twitter messaging channel.

"Make it easier for people to contact you privately. When you check this box, you'll be able to receive messages from anyone on Twitter, even if you don't follow them."

To set up your own automated business on the link below (with your account open in your browser) - its quick!


Feature format is very straightforward. Just tick the box.

Put your message in the space provided. 

Click save and go. 


"Get business features and profile elements, including support hours and a prominent message button. 

Business accounts can use customer support features, such as automated welcome messages"

You also sport a search indicator showing you provide support.

If you're a business that provides support in Direct Messages, you can set a default welcome message today in the support settings page of Twitter Dashboard to greet people when they start a conversation.