Twitter Lists - Do You Hear the Thunder?


This month we are looking at Twitter "Lists."

Twitter lists are power, to the max...if you have the right tools to build and work with them.

A list can be composed of up to 5000 people. We have over 1000 lists on our AD360 twitter account, so the potential reach is 5,000,000 people - from 1 account!

Create a list: This is easy, - look to the right on your list page, click the create button, give it a title and a description. Your list can be either public or private.

Private = users do not get notified they are on the list, its just for you.
Public = published and available globally on its url. Listee gets notified that they are added to your list by a message on their feed (not a DM!).
Basic list - add "Twitter Tags" and follow all the sequential tweets of a user or users.

Use for..
Following. Target the people or businesses in your niche
Competitive Research. Follow the key tweets of your target audience.
Notifications. Putting people on lists indicates that you have a public interest in them or their industry
Followback. Save your following percentage, listing is like following, but doesn't affect your follow limits.

Advanced Uses ...
Campaigns, Use lists to target a large audience group - use the notification feature to follow from a curated list or build a campaign quickly. 

For this you need some Power Tools...

Listpedia: Public listing with #Hashtags - use listpedia to build public lists that you can retweet on Twitter as a photo collage and tweet. Sell your event/moment and the key participants!
Listpedia allows you to import to and import from excel, and build instagram+ Facebook lists...a very useful tool indeed.

Twitter List Copy is a tool for true growth hackers, not pseudo agency slackers. If you like lists, this is the holy grail...and it's free. Check it!

IFTTT the growth hackers swiss army knife, allows you to export twitter tags to email, track keywords, follow tweeps and (previously) build epic lists in its own right - that feature nearly broke the internet!

Social Lead Machine is a browser based extension that allows you to data mine twitter tags from Linkedin. From there you can download to excel, export to gmail or directly add to a Twitter list.

Doyouevenlist A cool tool for the automation type, build it, let it run and keep engaged with your audience and customers. Lots of nice features; email, updates, custom lists, points scoring... Another brilliantly simple tool to use on your Twitter list. Manually add your recent followers, build targeted themes, all from a simple web interface (three minute learning curve).

And that's plenty for now ...I could show you how powerful Twitter lists are, but maybe the world is not yet ready for "Nuclear Twitter."

Still think it doesn't work...

Just in case the image is not clear enough - these are consecutive tweets (today) from some serious twitter peeps... Potential secondary reach, nearly 100, 000 people.

Twitter lists work! Your only barrier is your imagination.


You now know how to import and export twitter handles

You know how to scrape Twitter handles from a website

You can add up to 5000 people to 1 twitter list

You can theme your Twitter audience

You can research and segment your competition

You can notify prospects and potential customers of events and promotions

You can develop a targeted Twitter following

You can manually add your followers to a list

You can automatically add followers to a list

You can even automate your list building process

And you got this valuable information for ---yes, free