The right Gift for Car DIY Fans may not be a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Tie.


Some people are really difficult to shop for. They don't really appreciate a Christmas sweater. They tend to use those to clean up oil spills in the garage.

They have all the power tools you could possibly imagine, having been doing their own "repairs" since the age of three.

Buy them socks, they throw them in a drawer with the other singles, without even opening the wrapping.

Don't even think about getting them a tie. Especially a themed one. It shows the most extreme last minute shopping-itis and puts them in a position of having to wear it, which is probably worse. "Hang dog expression" expresses it.

What do we recommend?

A very useful tool that keeps the big kid happy while the small kids are using all the other available screens. A tool that looks like it was made for gift wrapping. Something which looks and performs like something really expensive.

Give them this and their little eyes twinkle brighter than fairy lights.

They get to go out and spend time in their favorite location while having the benefit of playing with their Christmas gift in blissful silence, warmth and peace.

Everyone is happy.

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