The Media - enemy of the people


The press, bought and paid for. 

When you are in control of six of the largest media conglomerates ever built you have a power. A power over people. Your pen can sway opinion.  If you repeat the same message often enough, you can shape minds. 

When you own the media you are shaping the conversation, you shape the words used, you put the spotlight on those you want heard, you increase the volume or remove those you don't want seen. Your medium primes the audience, your narrative becomes "the" narrative. 

How did Alex Jones disappear? 

One day he was the top "conspiracy theorist" in the world, next day he was gone, poof, off of all the platforms. Simple question; was Alex Jones dangerous? In any legal sense of the word. Was he removed to test the system? As a controlled asset, it seems likely. 

 The question I would ask is whether he is enough proof for you of how easy it is to remove a dissenting voice. The media didn't do it on their own, they had help, lot's of help. 

There are a million examples of big media telling porky pies nowadays, but that is not the point of this piece. When the US president calls it "fake news,"they call him mad. It seems the act of  calling someone racist is enough, like the bald assertion alone is a proof?  Is that enough to discredit the most powerful man in the world? Who elected them? It seems you did! you pander to their bullshit.

The point is to explain why "big media" is now your enemy, diametrically opposed to your interests as a free (thinking) individual

Is Big Media too big to fail too?

Some of it is simple advertising revenue. To make money, they have to shape opinion. To stand at the right hand of government, they have to shape opinion, to shape governments they have get it.  

They float the same narrative on Facebook. Oh, relax it's just about the money. Ah shucks, We're just avaricious corporate bastards. No, they're not. They're worse, they want your soul.

How does a small Jewish cabal control pretty much the entire media output of the Western hemisphere? It's not even Jewish people, its a subset of people with a very particular agenda. Again, I don't mind what they're up to, I mind that so few of you actually care enough to raise the alarm, you throw away a functioning democracy for a fistful of sand and a busload of turds.

Freedom this, freedom that ...did you forget the part where freedom must be tended like a flickering flame. 

Does it make any sense that these people are managing, massaging, distributing, misinforming, disseminating, destroying, divulging, deforming and doping the general population (I use that in the prison sense). Without any discourse, anywhere; not in music, not in poetry, not in performance, not in art. Of course there is no discourse, they own the media. 

Here's the truth, it's their last stand. They're done. Despite the massive size and the overwhelming volume, they're fucked. All of that hardware is expensive and each of you is a very tiny target. These bloated windbags have to keep regurgitating the same rubbish day after day, year after year to keep you looped in. They simply can't find the "energy." You're not buying it, and they can't sell it fast enough, it's a game of diminishing returns.

Lets say for a moment all the big media is done, that it's soon going to keel over and die like those old paddle steamers of yesteryear. It's over. 

Where do they rats head to next? Where is the green pasture? Where are all of you munching merrily on daily truckloads of gossip? Where is the promised land of milk and honeys? Ahhh, poon toon, good old FakeBook, now well into it's dotage, is still doing the Cha Cha. And I thought it died around 2008, but it's being kept alive by something. I'd argue that something is quite dangerous.

Yep, the boys behind big tech. Big tech is the nerdy brother of middle age media. Big tech has cousins, far more sadistic and sick, the alphabet gang. The alphabet gang are not really media types, but they do need to control the narrative, their payback is always in body-count. 

Big tech has become highly skilled at disappearing stuff. Because everything is digital (copies of copies) it is easy to track and delete information. Simple pattern recognition, similar to the way google image search works. Face recognition, add your phone number, send us your identity documents...

C'mon, is that a social network or a social  

There are some tricks to this. Don't add your phone number. Don't tag your friends. Don't be a tool. Each of you is a carrier of their disease. Each time you pass on gossip, or like a lie, or simply hate on a Muslim or claim "we're all... (insert facile bullshit),  you're playing their game. Hating, reacting, trolling, you're effectively an enemy to yourself. 

An army of one or a mission of selfie construction.

The mirror that is being shown to you is so often a lie. You must dig, find your own truths, build your own mind.  Look to see who gains from manipulating your perceptions. 

"Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance"

Let's prove that wrong, shall we?

Big media is diametrically opposed to your interests because it is the ancient voice of old age and tyranny in fear of death. It only wins when you be live it's lies.