The Carista App — How to deal with Harsh Reviews of a Great Product.


One of the first rules of business (and politics) is that you cannot keep all the people happy all the time. The nature of reviews is that they are open, to those who really like your product and those who don't.

We get three different types of review.

  • Those who buy the product and like it
  • Those who have a car that is not supported
  • Those who feels the software should be free, believing that the $20 USD price of the OBD2 adapter (which we don't make a profit on) should include lifetime software updates and free labor from ex Google software developers for their $30.000 USD car.

Remember we give a 1-month free trial and Amazon also do a 30 day return period - so if you're smart your bases are covered.

Even then there are some pretty radical reviews...

Amazon- Customer Review...

1.0 out of 5 stars

Requires you to buy APP, free version does nothing and paid version is useless as well.

By Supreme.Being

on July 4, 2018

Verified Purchase

"Absolute useless device! it requires you to buy APP (iOS/Android), free version does nothing absolutely nothing.

Used couple times to reset errors using my iPad (paid for the APP to change rain sensor settings in my VW), but it couldn't do! was forced to by a proper device. All in all waste of money."

How would you respond to such a review?

Well, here is one way...

"Just to make sure there's no misinformation, let me address each of your concerns individually:
1) "free version does nothing absolutely nothing": not true. The free version allows you to check and reset standard OBD2 fault codes, as well as check if your vehicle is ready for emissions testing. You do NOT need the paid Pro access in the app for any of this functionality and it's free forever.
2) "it requires you to buy APP (iOS/Android)": well, also not true - if you don't need the advanced (paid) functionality in the Carista app, you can just use the free features that I listed above, and you can also use any 3rd-party app that's compatible with ELM327 OBD adapters (which is most OBD apps on Android and some on iOS).
3) "paid version is useless as well": I dare say, if you find brand-specific diagnostics and coding useful, then this is not true either. Please check the features that we support per vehicle model: - I'm sure most users would find them useful, but everyone is entitled to an opinion. And if your opinion is that those features are useless, then feel free to return the adapter and cancel your free trial in the app - no harm, no foul.
We also welcome any questions or support requests at"

Below are the results of over 1300 reviews on Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US)

The figures are pretty even in both markets.

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