100 Dollar Website


The title of this article is slightly misleading - our website actually cost 70 dollars. 

The cost in man hours to build and optimize (slightly) was two months part time (my wife would say; "+ nights too":).

The Math...

"Day 1. Buy a domain name. In our case AD360.eu from Godaddy.com.

2 years for 10 euros. 

Decide which website platform you'd like to build with. We went with "Webnode," even though in its current incarnation is quite low spec. Our plan costs five euro a month - paid in advance. 60 euros a year, with free domain transfer and email address. 

                                             Total cost - all in, 70 euros."


video wallpaper - eats our bandwidth quota. Has "wow factor."

Cincopa Slider - slows down loading time, but again, "wow factor"

Sliding Text Foreground. Background Image remains static and text scrolls up. "Movement."

Clickable Images - useful for mobile users.

Clickable Text - help customers and improve site SEO. 

Clickable Contact Box 

Business Details + Opening Times + Call To Action


Newsletter + Social Sites

A website is just the starting point...

Once your site is up and running you should really connect to Google analytics and upload your sitemap to webmaster tools.  You can also check your content with keyword planner.

These are topics for later articles.  For today we're done. 

A functional site for less than 100 dollars!