Pinteresting - Don't You Think?


If your profit margin is time -why have 150 Pinterest Boards?

Warning! If your definition of visual social media is shooting your food, snapping your arm or adding stickers to your photoshop - then this article is not for You 

    Why have 150 Pinterest Boards?

Pinterest is a powerful SEO tool with big advantages for brand building over more popular "in crowd' siblings, Instagram and Snapchat. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself!

#Visual #Marketing

The power of visuals.

Collaborative Boards 

 Highest Social Media Click Through Traffic Results 


 Female Friendly - about products, not followers 

 Integrative Platform 

 "Business" version 

 SEO Monster 

 Move, Share and Pin on multiple boards - now, what can Snapchat do again?