Linux - Coolest Penguin on the Planet!


For this article, I'm not going to deep dive, just open the topic.

I will tell you what it is - an operating system. When I write that, I get the feeling people think, oh too difficult, I'm not a geek. When in actual fact its no different in functionality to windows and far more robust.

   I love Linux. First thing is - its free! 

How to get it - I personally have it on a bootable memory stick, but you can burn it to CD/DVD...if your computer still has this function. If not, get a five year old to help you.

I am currently using Linux mint - available here, but there are lots of choices.

Here is a cool thing - you can effectively run Linux straight out of the box. Firefox, VLC, Open Office and the rest is already bundled into the software. You can boot up and be online in 5 minutes. 

Choose between encrypted (business secure) or normal (easier for kids - I have a 3 year old and a 7 year old.  They just want Youtube).

Once you're started - open "Software Manager."

Load up Chromium (the open source version of Chrome), bleachbit (like CCleaner on windows) and GIMP (don't tell me you don't know what GIMP is - free Photoshop) or Blender (cool 3D graphics - free)

If you have windows programs you like, load up a virtual drive (free) or use compatability tool, Wine, to run windows software on Linux - or go with dual boot - choosing either Linux, Mac or Windows on start up.

And thats it!  10 minutes from plugging in the computer.

I'm beginning to feel your attention wandering at this point, so lets wrap up for today.

Key Points

Free - Thank you Linus Torvalds 

Lots of extras - Just as good as Windows 10, sometimes better.

Runs right out of the box -  5 minute set up

Bulletproof - no "checking updates" 

Secure - Try to break it!

Not only is it free, it's very good!