Hitting 100,000 monthly views on Pinterest


Carsita does something very complex - communicate with your car. It does it in a very simple way.

This inexpensive little app is changing the way people interact with the cars in much the same way as the i pod revolutionized how people listened to music, where the listened and the type of music they listened to.

You don't need to check the combined 1200+ reviews on Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US) to know that there are two kinds of people. Those who check what it can do before they buy and those that buy it and bitch about what it can't do for their car. Both parties are right, in a way...if your car has "customizations," this little gadget is a remote control for your little princess. If not, well, it might as well be a door stopper...but that's not quite it.

We're working on getting more makes and models covered, but the complexity of the task is sizeable. People want perfection now.

That said there is plenty on offer for absolutely nothing, basic OBD2 diagnostics and fault finding are "free forever" and even the things you want to customize, you can set during the trial and simply cancel the subscription. We're obviously not in the sainthood business, but that is a pretty sweet deal.

Pinterest - it doesn't matter who your friends are, it matters what people search for.

About a year ago I wrote a post on this channel telling you how good Pinterest is for getting customers outside your "normal" audience type. When we looked at marketing channels for our needs, Pinterest came high on the list; visual search engine, good SEO and more importantly a hit with the ladies ( our core demographic is young male drivers).

Taking all this into account has meant that we've grown a female audience of nearly 10%

We've also found an audience outside of our English language base (Latin America is our fastest growing market).

I've written before that Pinterest is the top social channel for click through traffic (based on industry stats that I'm too lazy to google). We've seen this in realtime over the last few months.

Because our adapter is a little prettier than the competition, we've been able to show that ...

So, to wrap up - Pinterest has been good to us, we've an audience we couldn't have found otherwise. Now that they've widened access to their useful analytics tools, I can actually show you what is happening with our audience, adapter and app. Win-Win.

So, Carista...

Get access to completely free features and a 1 month trial of our premium tools.

To see if your car is supported go to https://caristaapp.com/vehicles

The Carista App is available for Android and iOS

The Carista OBD2 Adapter is available everywhere, but if you have another brand adapter (Kiwi3 works great) already that may work just fine.

Check it out, before someone buys you one for Christmas... available on Amazon, ECS Tuning (US) AutoInstruct (AU) Carista - Japan (JP) Eldar (PL)