E-Commerce ...Just when you thought he couldn't get more salesy.


BeBee is a simple blogging platform. Most blogs out there are far more complicated.

That might just be the magic ingredient. The same applies to selling stuff online. Recommendations for the seller. Credit Card for the buyer and a trusted middle(person). Simple stuff.

Anon to the latest victory.

We've implemented a Shopify Channel. We've become respectable business people. We've shaved that Mohawk and started wearing button down shirts. We're main street.

Shopify is a tremendous business tool for E-shops and online payments. If offers integrations to your social platforms, advanced analytics and numerous expansion options. Benefit to you the online purchaser: easier (direct) purchase, shopping and shipping.

Benefit to the vendor: enterprise level e -commerce platform. Do we need it? Yes, we're recently moved operations to a global base rather than a Euro/US footprint, so the time has come to work with some solid extensible tech.

Other options - Woo Commerce

If you use WordPress, you can have a web shop up and running in hours with Woo Commerce.

It does much of what Shopify can do and is straightforward to set up. In fact, if you're proficient with Google Tag Manager, the difference between the paid versions out there and the Woo Commerce offering gets a little thin. The same apples for Magneto. Yes they do more, but the more is something you might not really need (as a starter or low volume seller).

The difference really is in the volume of sales. For a business user with a global supply chain and multiple partners you're always looking to shave a bit on the margins. Margins are found in the crevices - that is where modern analytics comes in.

If the limit of your effort is selling a few bits on Etsy or Ebay, then all the bells and whistles will simply eat into the bottom line. I'm not going to be able to interest you in Google Shopping, Hubspot integration, Mail Chimp, Tag Manager or the host of other options available.

If you are interested, it might be good to know that it has never been easier to open an online store, buy or trade merchandise.You don't need to be a tech nerd at all. Most of it is one click options.

Oops, Sorry. Open for business 24/7

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