Digital Strategy - The Value of Landing Pages


The principal issue is that our main account is designed for mobile. 70% of our audience buy our product on mobile devices . The main site is not run by our team (a software company).

We want to advertise a new feature (TPMS tools), which means adding far more specific information, text and graphics. Our main site is controlled by a design team and they've built to a different agenda - simple online mobile experience.

They cannot react quickly enough to the time-frame and multiple constraints (multi lingual, technical adaptions to the site and global release subject to seasonality (changing summer to winter tires now - Northern Hemisphere Autumn/Fall).

So, you build "landing pages."

What is a landing page you may ask? Well there is one above - it relates directly to the topic, has relevant imagery and a single call to action. That call to action has distinct tracking and usually it's own specific advertising on other channels (forums, Facebook, ad-words) to alert people to the topic/opportunity.

People are great information foragers, so if you've got something, there are ways to find out and distinct paths to get to it.

But if you're not a web designer or control your own site? My base advice is to have control of your site. It's why I push the idea of using self build entities like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc. You invest in knowledge.

As you begin to tailor your online presence, the back and forth with agencies and developers gets to be costly. Now that sites are drag and drop, that argument begins to bear fruit.

I'm not even pushing the agency out of the mix, I'm looking for your team to gain more knowledge of the process and begin to have some executive control on decisions. If you're online, the cost/benefit of having an agency "control" your web content is a series of diminishing returns.

Landing pages are specific to your audience, very specific.

They usually have a custom URL and are easy to build from basic templates.

You don't want a bounce rate (people jumping off and not buying) of 90% from 25% of your market inquiries. You want a tailored message that provides the information your customer is looking for to make a decision.

The value of real time analytics allied to tailored content cannot be underestimated. You want the customer experience to be seamless.

A Russian person on Facebook sees an advertisement (in the local language), clicks through to landing page (in English) and is immediately turned off - simple stuff.

If people decide to buy that option should also be in the local language, for obvious reasons.

This is a brief primer on landing pages. You can also map other functions on like pop ups, sign ups, special offers, time limited offers, linked content, etc.

Check these guys out if you're in the market for more information or free landing page tools. We are using unbounce which is another solid vendor with a good reputation.

The primary advantage is the ability to build highly specific targeted pages off site, having full control of the process and not having to pass the work to your website development team. A useful set of digital tools to know about.

That's it - landing pages give you a different approach.