Dash, IFTTT and an OBD2 adapter. You’ll be amazed at the power in your hands.


Caveat : You might think this one is a bit salesy, but it isn't really (or that is not the main purpose). The point is to show how ubiquitous connected technologies are becoming. I've also not discussed IFTTT before as a main topic.

It is a digital marketing tool that every proper digital marketer uses and never tells anyone about - because it is free and pure gold (it actually used to be strong enough to take down the internet, till they modified it a little.) A lot of people don't get it, it appears too simple. I told a friend about this 5 years ago, he went to college did a marketing degree instead. He could have saved his time and cash and learned this (I kid you not).

I am advertising Dash as one of our partners, fellow travelers on the road to innovation and now digital divas - because they're opening the door to some cool applications.

Let's start with the detour...

I've had a tool I've used for years. It has been called the best digital marketing tool ever, but now it's gotten a little bit bigger.

For digital marketing the key function was to track and trace campaigns, duplicate content with a single click and set up automation routines. IFTTT was, and is, very good at this job. In recent years, you have been able to connect your mobile device (phone) with the internet and control connected devices via an internet connection (IOT). You can even do it through voice activated tools like Alexa or Siri.

It can connect real things with the internet; your Philips Hue lighting system, your vacuum cleaner, in this case your car, through Dash.

The principle behind IFTTT is that you connect a service (anything which you can connect to) with a trigger for another event. This allows you to make things happen in sequences.

For Dash you can...

Of course this is only one aspect of a highly evolved auto tuning tool...

Dash has a wide set of uses. For example; if you have more than one vehicle, if you are a business or fleet customer. Being able to track real time data and gather the type of information now possible through an inexpensive OBD2 dongle offers huge savings. Real time route finding. Communications, Tracking, Data management and Notifications - Dash becomes a serious toolkit. Remember also that IFTTT is not just one action, you can cascade actions or sequences across multiple devices. Dash is showcasing some that apply to your car. The same trigger can apply different actions.

Check out what Dash can do for your car, or your commute.

Dash recommends the Carista OBD2 adapter.