Concluding my Carista 5 series...with 500,000 Tweet Impressions.


It's a happy Monday in these here parts. It's good to have a great product, which we do. Much better is when people know it, which they're getting to.

I've been on this channel a while and the number 12 million was always trumpeted. What does it mean?

Unless people actively engage with your content, it may as well be an arbitrary, made up, figure. Pure pie in the sky.

As you probably know, I researched that figure (being a curious type). I reached out across national, cultural and linguistic barriers to find this missing tribe of 12. What happened? Well the people who read my stuff connected alright, but that vast audience, well they never really appeared. The core quality content came from a small quorum. The rest were voyeurs.

On twitter the metric is generally 1 to ten, when you send out 1000 friend requests, you get somewhere near 100 follows. Of course that ramps up the more followers you have (to those who have much goes more).

They said that everyone who follows you gets notified of your stuff. I also subscribed to a few people. I followed Randall, Phil, Paul (Pablo) JM, Lance, Proma, and quite a few more, yet nothing appeared in my inbox. I don't have a heavy spam filter. I do get those compendium posts, but nothing targeted, like I requested.

I also looked at the early communication on this site. Twitter jocks like Lance, Pablo, Grinberg, all invested in the idea, if not the potential of the overall project, pushing the communication. Did the company roll in behind the effort, or did they scoff at the naivete of seasoned business pros? That one, I'll leave open.

I remember early in the process that I forwarded an internal message questioning the quality of the communications process on this site. Through the magic of digital, it's still here...a note to the ether (or ethereum if you prefer).


29/07/2017 10:52 AM

Hi Javier, A few months ago I applied for a BeBee ambassador role in the message box onsite. I've heard nothing since.
From my research, the Irish marketing guy Oliver Moloney
Marketing strategist - UK and Ireland beBee never contributes. You also have no high profile Balkan, Bulgarian or Eastern European representative currently . In terms of overall strategy - my reach is far bigger and deeper that your "current" English social strategy lead, Virag G, so I'm interested in what I can do on a bigger scale.
I like the platform, I thank you for your personal interest in my work. I'd like to be involved, especially since now is the right time to compete head to head with linkedin. It doesn't matter to me if your plan is to grow the site and then sell it on, the product is a good one, even a great one.
I like the work of Gert Scholtz, Phil Friedman, Kevin Pashuk, Jim Murray, Robert Mc Cormack, Althusher, Liesbeth Leyson, Randall Burns, Dean Owen, Pascal Derrien,Paul Walters, Pablo Croubalian, Chaz Wyatt, Shelley Brown and Deb Helfrich...and think I could promote their work to a wider audience. There is also a group that wants to contribute, but is scared, There is work there too, in instructional material and video. A pinterest share button would be good too to go along with the rest. I have nearly 1000 shares. I'm ready to build a "shared community board." BeBee should have 1 already. Same with Instagram - the tools are there, the content is overflowing, you just need to execute better, on a global scale.
The ability to upload my current contacts...I have a huge email contacts list, but when I try to add my gmail - it doesn't work. Meeting and greeting - I am befriending people who log new profiles, but it would be better if people got a gift box of relevant materials or "how to"information (like a mailing list stuff I get from any big software vendor, first steps, profile tips, following, etc.. The biggest drop off point is after making a profile and then uploading your "other profile" - ok, enough. You know all this stuff better than me.
Thank you for your kindnesses and wishing you current and future greatness. Regards, D"

There was no reply...(Public pal, private dweeb - very 2018).

Why was one waddling duck doing all the talking and the rest of the ducklings nothing? Where was the communications apparatus, the network effect, the desire to evangelize? I saw there were people employed on that function, but I never "saw" them doing anything.

The reason I bring this up, is that there was quite a bit of really good content on this channel. I've shown you over the last week or so how effective social media can be. I enjoyed Pablo's stuff. It was good. Lance had his fingers on new ways of operating. Others like, Brian McKenzie opened my eyes and brought a smile, Francie, (the Dutchess)a grand calm. There was quality in many areas... but it got lost.

So, my pitch for today...

When Phil gets his idea online - pitch in, he might not have a grand plan, but he is an intuitive sort with big balls and a hankering for truth. Take some of the things that worked on this channel and apply them. There were quite a few. Remember Linkedin groups was killed, even though it was hugely successful... there is an audience. You don't need to beat Faecesbook or Limpin, you just need to bring utility to the customer. In this case the customers are the workers. And pretty good workers to boot...even the bankers. :).

That's my 10 cents worth.

Enjoy the week!

George Orwell, Animal Farm

"Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals. He sets them to work, he gives back to them the bare minimum that will prevent them from starving, and the rest he keeps for himself."