Click, erase, delete …you’re gone.


The quote is from a Youtuber called Amazing Polly, and she is, quite. The point is simple...

"We don't really roll you over with a tank in Canada, yet. We just used, ah, we just used the delete button. That's all you need now in this technological society. You don't exist. Click, Erase, delete're gone. History changed."

It is an important phrase and should guide your direction. When people say that 1984 is their playbook, you might get the point. Let's say you're rich. I'm not even interested in how you got rich. As a rich person, you might want to wield power. In wielding this power you might have to break a few eggs, remove people from your path, get your way.

If you're a corporatist, you've already got the blueprint for making the workers do what you want. Change the laws to suit your needs, get the police onside, add a little bit of chaos every now and again to keep it simmering. Hey presto, you're winning, as long as nobody drops you in the slammer and you keep the paybacks intact.

But some people have bigger plans, they want to absolute victory, absolute control - that's a different game and one you'll probably never play. For that game wiping out 80% of humanity is the opening stakes, they've bigger plans after that.

If you're a global banker, you're reliant on the scam to keep running. The day it stops, you're done. Who are the international bankers and who are their alphabet agencies?

If you've shipped country loads of drugs into the developed world under the guise of "fighting the good fight," you might not want to get caught, right?

If you're an old royalist down to your last fake medal, you'd like another shot at the prize, right? Another spin of the old bottle?

And if you're a lame dick politician looking for global power, there are people out there to offer it, at a price, right?

If you're a techno god based on other people's work, you'd be easy meat for these guys, a puppet, lots of puppets in the digital sphere, a multiplicity of them in fact.

Note the crew, note that they are a pack of wolves who've never done a decent days work in their lives and then tell me I'm oh, so wrong. Go on. Tell me these fake gods wouldn't ice you all to quite literally wipe the slate clean.

You'll notice a couple of recurrent themes, the reliance on hierarchy, the combination of media and might, the use of lies and misdirection. What this means is the group doing it is small. If they were big, they wouldn't have to hide it.

Although the fact that they have to hide it causes them to suffer a little reality check, so they put signs in the public space, telling you what they're going to do (like every villain in the movies). They want to tell you, they want you to know what's coming that you can't stop. They want to be bold, they just fear the backlash, the noose, the cell, the return to the norm. They're just people after all, mortal, stupid people (with money and position). They might fantasize the outcome, but manifesting it takes more than they've got, normally. And then along came the internet, that bastard child of military, business and education; the perfect hate machine. Now, they've got a tool, a powerful one at that. And you're five centuries behind them in understanding their wickedness.

A few tricks to sniff them out; where are they positioned in the hierarchy? Who endorses them? What element do they control at this time and what have they controlled before? Who is their family (strange but true)? What school did they attend (another handy one)? You'll quickly get a handle on it and be able to pull the patchwork together. You'll need to dig, but not too much.

When you do, you'll see the overall plan, it's simple; your slavery, or deletion. Now tell me what the does that remind you of? Before the Germans were going on with the master race nonsense many others were on the same trip, one group in particular seemed to like that ideology a little too much. They've just found new old friends to play with.