Censorship and the ascent of man


When I use the term ascent of man, certain people will be triggered. Why triggered? In order to be triggered you have to be primed. You have to be set up for it.

My view of the ascent of man is a very simple one, we are all caught in a simple duality. This duality is between returning to what we know and following the patterns of before (that which we know) or striving towards something unseen, slightly scary and novel. We've got an insatiable appetite for the novel. We've got an insatiable appetite for games (play), travel and experience. Many have an appetite for learning, self and social improvement. The issue is that this terrain into the future has few tracks and is not well mapped. Those who come to be known as guides, visionaries or leaders more often than not experience the full gamut of the other side of the coin, being doubted, laughed at, pilloried and vilified. But why?

It's just easier and safer to look backwards, do what you're told and "toe the party line" instead of questing, challenging and striving. Being a critic is far more "social" and safe. You'll see many games of this type. The higher you climb, the farther you reach, the more the clamor comes to stop you, to hinder, to halt your freedom (because it reflects badly on the rest). The USA has been a crucible for many of these ideas; the ascent of the individual, the rise of a free society, the quest for a republic. At the same time the US has built an empire. Two models, one body politic.

Many of your presidents have warned you about the nature of tyranny, how close it remains at all times. This is a simple idea to understand because man will always scurry back to his primitive state once you raise his (her) emotions ahead of logic. Emotions and "narratives" are from an earlier time, those elements of fear, greed, hate can easily be man-ipulated to draw you backwards, censoring your ability to think and removing your freedoms.

Trump talks about "fake news," what he means is real propaganda. Your media is controlled by a small cabal, very small in fact. They have a very close connection with those who print your money for profit. Money is one of the key things you strive for, as it is the thing which gives you opportunity to do more and have more free time to "express yourself." You have probably noted how in recent years, the amount of work you do does not equate to more freedom, how you are sold a succession of ideas which far from making you free tend to drive you into a "debt culture."

Your life becomes of process of buying expensive "toys" and then paying off the interest to banks. It is in the best interest of banks to have a good relationship with media, both to sell you ideas and manipulate your emotions. If capital controls the media (and the government) then your society is not going to be moving towards freedom and individualism, it will regress because none of these entities values your capacity to be free. You are far better to them as a docile, conformist, simpleton. 

Global banks also have another agenda, to remove your national freedom to control them. If you the citizen control the government, you'd quickly move against them, their only escape is "to globalize."To be too big to fail (that's a joke, but it contains the central idea). 

All these entities survive on "your taxes." I include the EU parasites in this too (not just a US issue). They have to make local government weak and controlled. The alphabet agencies have many years of experience in this field, so hey presto, you've got a marriage of great convenience (in the voice of Borat), great success!!

Censorship in this context is deployed to bolster a flagging narrative and stopping people discussing, thinking and addressing the issues of the day. In the old days censorship was possible because only rich men controlled the media and the message, distribution was hard. Then print came along and blew this "monopoly power" away. Now print is a monopoly, but flagging.

 The internet is a great tool for moving ideas, but it is also a very easy tool to deploy censorship and control, it was designed as a weapon, as a directed mass communication device. Interestingly enough it is being deployed against it's own people, the citizens of the USA (and of course the wider world too).

Why now? Well the narrative that those who run this particular game are running is that it is the "end times," a piece of historical claptrap that tallies with the myth and control techniques of a particular group or culture. It's not the "end time" of anything, its just a set of people who want to retain power at all costs (at all costs). 

There is nothing so banal, so normal as this. It's monthy pythonesque.

Every African country with an octogenarian dictator testifies to the power of fear and of tyranny. At some level the people give up their freedom and "wait" for the tyrant to die, until the new tyrant arrives. This "waiting for freedom" seems to be recipe for disaster (in a literal sense). My guess is that this is the reason that societies like Northern Sweden and Central Africa are still so different, even now in the age of the internet and instant mobile communication. In those places where you need to work together to survive the winter, you'd be quite reluctant to deliver your freedom, physicality and will to the group or collective without some concessions. Those group elements like social care, education (as in access to knowledge), transport structures, judiciary, legislative and executive are well negotiated

Actually that freedom to negotiate as an individual has been hard won. The ideas of justice, equality before the law and the "rights" of the individual have not just been granted. They've been fought over and many good men have died. Tyranny does not "give" power away, in fact it does the opposite, constantly taking little pieces of your freedom away on different pretexts till you've got none left. 

In the banking sense, it's called a life of debt or poverty. This has been a widening cycle for many in the US (and Europe) in recent years as tyranny has ramped up by degrees. In Europe, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland were called the PIIGS for a while in the mass media, quite a political message if you're of a mind to see one.

Censorship is an insidious activity, you need a group to spy on another group, you need deleters, deciders and deceptionists of all kinds. You have to build in that structure, it takes time. You have to read your Orwell and follow the playbook. Snowball good, snowball bad, etc. then 1984 it under Big Brother's watchful gaze.

The thing about censorship is we know intuitively how it goes, it drives us back to a past time, driving messages of fear, hatred and division. In fact that is how they will justify it, telling you they are "stopping" the above mentioned terms. It's "business as usual" and has been done thousands, if not millions of times in human history, it's almost clockwork. "You flung a ditch on my vision and burgled my bank of youth."

But, I'd like to end by telling you that there is a world on the other side of this capitalist Truman show. The capacity of one person, one vote is undimmed. You have to see their little Wizard of Oz heads rushing round trying to shore up the bullshit. You must see how lame the whole set of ideas are, how severely limited the individuals pushing this backward narrative. Do you want to be like them? Is your striving in life to be a complete scrotum? Do you aspire to be an asshole, spying scurrying, obfuscating and jeering? Do you want to be a lowlife?

If so, join the gang, they love a mindless goon or two. The narrative will be that they're doing it for your own good, that you need protecting from "bad ideas," that your poor little mind can't cope without Big Brother. There might even be a few false flags to keep you tenderized and juicy.

What I will say is that they are clearly visible now. Before they were hidden. They surfaced. Surfacing is never good for them. They need to work under cover of darkness, cloaked. All three elements, the physical wing, media and big tech, the banking sector are in plain view. They've all pulled their scams and now you see them as clearly as you've ever done. It's not the time to censor yourself, it's the time to understand. To see why they would want to cloak themselves again and disappear back into the depths.