Carista hits No.1 in Japan - ありがとうございました


Pure Advertising. Press Release.

We are very pleased to announce that we are currently the top selling OBD2 adapter on Amazon Japan.

Our Japanese partner and local Carista expert is pleased with the partnership so far. You can find him on Carista-Japan

This has been the main difference in driving sales in the Japanese market, a committed local partner developing his own channels of advertising and maintaining a high quality standard of service for local customers.

We see similar levels of customer interest in the US through ECS Tuning and Australia through AutoInstruct, where highly skilled technicians can talk a customer through various options.

In markets that we support, such as Amazon Germany, or Amazon France where we do not have a speaker of the local language or technical support outlets, results are less stellar. This is something we are working on correcting in 2019.

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If you are a Japanese speaker you can also access our main site...using the language option on the far right.

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Carista is currently the best selling OBD2 device in the UK. We are also an Amazon's Choice product in the UK (meaning that Amazon corporate recommend us for quality and service, not just the customers who at the date of publication give us a cumulative 4.3 stars out of 5 [573 reviews]).

Carista is an app that works for drivers of supported cars around the world, allowing customization (coding) diagnostics and servicing of compatible model cars. In early 2019 we will be adding Nissan - Infiniti to our supported cars.

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