Carista Car DIY. “Simplicity, the ultimate sophistication.”


Nowadays a car is far more than an engine, a fuel tank and some wheels. It has a nerve system and a brain.

I was in a car a few years ago (2012) that had been fitted with a driver assist braking system. An engineer took us out on the autobahn, ran the car up to 150 kilometers per hour, making straight for a heavily loaded goods truck.

Sitting in the back seat, the pinging sound started and rapidly increased. At around twenty meters the car slowly began arresting the speed. Simultaneously the seat belt tightened and brakes were applied, all in increments. It didn't feel like a safety measure, more the car taking over the driving process.

The car also had lane assist and park assist technology (based on the same principle) and a host of other features. The point of the technology was that the computer could anticipate and react to danger faster than the human brain.

You may agree or disagree with the statement above, what you cannot deny is that the ECU (electronic control unit) is now a highly functional part of modern vehicles. While the example is extreme, there are many other elements of your car's "behavior," that you can control, often from your phone.

When we started working on the Carista adapter, we looked to create an application that was as simple as possible while being as effective as possible. The principle is to have a device which communicates with your car without being overly complex.

We are looking at simplicity.

A famous Steve once used the phrase to define his company and process; "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." That motto fits what we are doing quite well.

This principle relates to the inherent complexity of modern vehicles. There is so much that is available to customize, so much information from so many sources. Having an easy to use tool in your glove-box makes all that information accessible to you.

Cars are no longer mechanical horses. They are almost "sentient."

The Carista app is "car communication."

The Carista App is available for Android and iOS

The Carista Adapter is available from Amazon and other good online retailers.