Blockchain.  Already big. Going to be HUGE!


I want to keep this simple and build it blocks.

A blockchain is a collaborative, distributed ledger. Imagine the book of the dead.

In principle it is similar to a shared google doc, except this time it's not just a document, its digital DNA.

A blockchain can operate in three (maybe four) dimensions, in real time. It is "the recipe."

Some history...

The internet is the child of two parents. One warlike, malevolent, private and control obsessed. 

The other zen like, collaborative, sharing, growth oriented and emergent in its ethos.  

Blockchain is both - a tool of access or a simultaneous, global, shutdown switch.  

I'm not out to debate the ethics of the virtual plane here, so lets keep it  a mite practical, shall we?


I know people see blockchain connected to the "bitcoin" and cryptocurrency field - this is false causation... Blockchain exists without Bitcoin.

I don't want to discuss bitcoin and cryptocurrency, because it is not my intent, but there is one point of inference.

I have often said that "information is the currency of the internet." 

Many people intuitively disagree or demur, because human avarice is not for information, but for shiny baubles, status and power (like my type A internet parent above). 

The point of interest is that in "bitcoin mining" - investors use raw processing power to "mine" currency. By currency - we define "something of current value." The collocations are not lost on me of currency, power and value.

I could debate the "asset backed" value of Bitcoin all day, but then we discuss fiat currency, the concept of ownership, leverage and wealth distribution - too much human shape shifting for one day. 

My key point is that "mining" inverts my basic theorem; it states that information begets currency - rather than information is currency. Often, if we prove the reverse, we prove some element of the original theorem. 

 I will suffice here to say that asset value is stripped in the mining process - turning gloss to dross. By using the computational and electrical power of digital brains to do menial labour, what remains is the speculative power of tokens (much like modern banking).  My image is of plantation workers arrayed before a field of cotton. Cyber slavery has nice ring to it, or blockchained binary brains, in more eloquent moments.

So where has Parent B gone? 

Zen quote - Less is...

Lets leave grovelling for filthy lucre for a moment and polish the stone at hand. It is actually our shovel - the instrument for digging (or creating).

Here is a simple example... 

This is my social automation keychain or quasi -blockchain 

Only a google doc with some headings. But, by being shareable, convertible, shared on multiple accounts, virtual and editable by addition, it has a life of its own. 

 It can do many things; outsource functions, add elements, invite collaboration, timestamp edits, build entirely new sequences, link media, translate, add milestones and allow project management from anywhere. 

 A house or car is a good blockchain analogy. A plumber, electrician and plaster cannot do each other's jobs (The can undo by making big holes, though). None can start before the blocklayer ;) yet all add something new and different to the "recipe." 

So the key point - is to point at the key. 

The keystone is a master switch.

Blockchain will become ubiquitous, as a process, as a development tool and methodology for distributed teams. It already affects how we work, live and interact. One person, one phone, one connection, one node...heaven or hell, who can tell?

Q.1. What is a blockchain? 

 The strange thing is both Parent A and Parent B believe it is beautiful!

A: The recipe book and the receipt in one - the cake is virtual. You own nothing, but someone nameless, somewhere, says you do...ooh, faceless, anonymous, control and command all based on a networked global weapons system," you say... that's simply thrilling, what could go wrong?

For more info or to talk to people who will happily sell you a shovel, or 6 million...

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