AD 360 says You're Never Too Old to Canva


Following the simple, but brilliant, theme from my last post I'm going to bring You more meandering musings.

Carlsberg claims to be "probably" the...well Canva is "definitely the..." 

Have you ever read an advertisement for a product that promised to make your performance perkier, make your hair grow back and your legs longer -- well this one does all that and then some - it is visual Viagra.

Canva can make your Facebook posts look intelligent.* Mark Z

The great thing about Canva is that it is so simple to use - and FREE 

So? You ask, conveniently.

You know those sexy Instagram accounts - with the themes, branding and insightful memes like ...

 That's all Canva.

Quite simply its where all those magical quotes come from. 

Without Canva, Instagram would be just individually wrapped pictures of Ronaldo and that Kim Cardigan Vest woman. 

No clever commentary, at all.

It's Willy Wonka's Quote Factory.

 Even though quotes are fun!

This is my 8 year old's self penned Halloween Party Invite.

In Bulgarian (so it translates too - Feliz Navidad).

To my practiced eye it doesn't look very good, but what do you expect from those with the attention span of ..., ...I forget.
Author is jealous

Think Canva this holiday season!

It can do proper charts - with numbers, n'all.  Like excel for normal people.

It even allows you to color in your charts.

Now that Christmas is coming it might be the right time to think about "Cards."

You know I've got the perfect accessory...

*Facebook experiment carried out in "laboratory conditions." No liability is incurred if your posts reach no more than tagged family members and two people in Bhutan. A positive indicator of your Facebook success will be the "..your post is doing better than 90% of the posts on this buy advertising,"comment.