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This article looks at the use of augmented reality in the European launch strategy for the 2015 "Renegade"

What Google (and others) have done is open the door to effective Virtual Reality.   

People of a certain age know what the "holo deck" within "Startrek" is. The "holo deck" was (potentially could be) a room in which a computer generated reality is interacted with - a virtual reality realization machine. 

This tool, within the Star trek universe was a key component of leisure, strategy and experiential knowledge gathering. A virtual space, much like an empty theatre stage, but with computer generated interactive content

I am strongly of the opinion that a Google Maps virtual tour used in a sufficiently agile way, begins to give some of this functionality. In much the same way that a computer gameworld is anchored to reality through concept and design, a virtual tour anchors a momentary reality in a virtual world-space.

The viewpoint, or virtual reality, depends solely on the viewer. A virtual tour realizes one moment in time within a virtual space. Retaining, like a fly in amber, the nuances of that moment. The (real world) moment itself cannot be changed, but our potential future (virtual) interactions with the digital copy of that moment can be unlimited.  

I am also a fan of the French philosopher Jean Buadrillard (1929-2007), who defined in Simulacra and simulation (1981), something known as the "simulacrum."

In essence (a dangerous word), a simulacra is as "real" as any preceding reality, much more so in a virtualized world. Like "Schrodinger's cat (1935)," there a many possible virtual realities, or from a user utility view point, functionalities, of a virtual tour.  

Within the hyperlinked internet space it should be possible to map numerous schema onto any part of a digital image. 

At a basic level, we are now able to build and scale replica realities, interact with visualized content with screen in screen utility, into the tapestry of a virtual tour. The tour (through directed perspective) becomes an immersive experience, catering to all our sensory channels.

Our case study...New "Jeep Renegade"

What makes this project interesting is the combination of information channels above the virtual tour underlay, married to Tourmake functionality. 

Points to note

Industrial semiotics of yellow and black

Focus on "experience"

Keywords, exploration, journey, technology, innovation

YouTube "Experience" Video

                   Production Floor Interactive Map

Points to note

Youtube video link, live action imagistic content (30 second links)

Sound: "Outdoor Cool experience"  - use of music

Interactive Video Sequences - Production Process

Youtube Production Process Videos 

Integrated Production Floor Virtual Tour

Screen in Screen Functionality - Screen Overlays 

Point of Interest Photos 

Points to note

Interactive storytelling

Multi channel

 Sensory design

Your Jeep!

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