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Google Trusted  Program

Responsibilities and Duties


You speak nerd and normal with equal fluency. Digital Marketers, Designers, PHP geeks, E-xperts and SEO superheroes - we want you. Freelance roles available, across the board, around the World.

Qualifications and Skills

We recognize the importance of understanding you, your long terms goals and the environment you want to work in - even if other companies don't quite get it yet. Apart from qualifications, skills and experience, motivation, aptitude and career ambitions are weighted more than paper tiger certificates.

That said - you would need to know many of the top 10/20 Chrome extensions, Adwords, Google Analytics.

Have a decent understanding of Digital Strategy and can demonstrate that you do your thing better than most.

Know "content,"understand keywords, drive traffic, design for mobile....all that online stuff.

On top of that you need to be a little bit innovative - not much, people are still people,...but a little.


We are offering freelancing, project based roles, worldwide. Some contracts will be short term commitments, other will be pathways to longer term positions in major companies. It depends on the contract and how relationships develop with the end client. It is an emerging global market for digital talent.

Salary: Project Based.

We quote our end user an overall price for the project, factor in salary projections and sub contract - usually in the form of written requests for services or sub projects. Payment is direct transfer to your account, WU or PayPal.


Forward your CV and cover letter to

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Job Type: Contract

Salary: €15.00 to €50.00 /hour

If you are interested in becoming a Google Trusted Photographer, the program is has morphed into the Local Guides program - opening the door for more amateur rather than pro content.

The technical level of photography required is attainable with a bit of practice. Online tools required to manage the process are easy to use. You can even use your own equipment and expertise.

Job flexibility suits people who like to make their own hours; digital marketers, nerds of all description, and of course, dedicated photography, marketing and sales pros.

We also need more female Google Trusted Photographers - so ladies, apply within!