What is digital? Your tools are digital platforms. This means you have access to a global network, based on the amount/type of people you can connect with. This differs on each platform. Digital implies multiple exact copies. 1 to 1, 1 to many, many to 1.

What is digital strategy? At its simplest, digital strategy is setting up pages, ads and content in a way which makes it interesting for your audience. Expanding that, it is firstly having or finding that audience, then presenting information in a way that works on your preferred channel, or platform.

Why do you differentiate between consulting and digital strategy? In our business there are two distinct elements to the job; firstly setting up platforms and pages, then running that page or platform in tandem with your business. One skill is project management based, defined timelines, budget and scope - it has tightly defined outcomes, timelines and results. 

The consultancy element offers you choices, outcomes and results based on where you want to take your business, brand or product. It is more global in scale, content and execution.It requires a senior business consultant, rather than a junior, copywriter or a tech.

The second element is running the "machine," which requires less strategic knowledge of how digital media fits together and more focus on content, seasonal changes, new product lines, fresh imagery and direct customer relationships. This element is more of a standard business process, more routine and formulaic.

What is VR E- Commerce? VR e-commerce is the ability to interact online within a virtual space, make purchases, interact with vendors, support staff and find specifications on your chosen products or services. It is the cutting edge of e-commerce today. 

We are lucky to be one of the first companies in the world selling this service.  Its benefit to you is a virtual shopfront that functions as effectively as your real shop, maybe better! 

Where are you based?  Our European operations centre is based in Sofia, Bulgaria - the fastest, cheapest internet in the EU, the lowest labour cost and the highest density of qualified multilingual IT personnel, per capita.  

We have an office in Ireland (Cork) and the UK (Aberdeen) - with slightly less multilingual staff :).

How big is your team? Our team is composed of a core group of dedicated pros, freelance gurus and contracted IT genii from around the globle. 

The office team is always happy to put you in contact with someone who is a tighter fit for your project circumstances, if you want it. We specialize in global projects, requiring multilingual talents, diverse skills and virtual project teams.

Could you refer us to someone who deals directly with our needs?  We need a local partner. Our normal strategy is to offer three alternative vendors in your local area or area of specialization. We have no vested interest in any particular partner winning your business, so our recommendations are based on our view of your needs and the willingness and availability of our local contacts.

What is your fee structure? We discuss fees after defining the scope of the project and timeline. 

Project assessments offer a detailed project breakdown, schedule and specification. We aim to please - but not all projects are feasible. For a general price list, click here.

Can you explain what you mean by "scope"? Yes, lets look at a few examples. Social automation takes time to set up the accounts and schedule and the type of text and imagery you want. 

Content writing takes quite a bit of time to develop the "voice," the story and the finished article often goes through a number of edits. 

SEO takes a few months to develop and test. Results are usually incremental over time. 

What we see from those examples is that they have very different timelines. They also require considerably different skill sets. As a result the scope - or scale/cost/duration of each project needs to be considered carefully at the beginning. Customers tend to have a specific goal without a concept of time, cost or resources. We call that scope planning.

Does that mean social automation is "set it and forget it"? That would be a dangerous assumption. In the last year Linkedin has had a complete redesign, Pinterest has changed its interface a number of times and Twitter has doubled its word count. 

Change is constant - so any automated features you use, should be monitored., controlled and updated frequently - like any automated production process. 

Why does content creation take so long? That question is really related to the amount of content you want. To develop consistent long form blog entries, that people actually want to read, takes time, effort, skill and dedication. 

How did your school essays work for you? Usually a good essay is topical, concise, personal and thought provoking...good content is the same. Writers also develop facility with their themes in time.

And SEO takes over 3 months? We can't wait that long. We need results now! OK. You can pay for advertising, both Google and Facebook will happily support you in this regard. Twitter too. 

Or you can develop a functional site that has domain authority (meaning useful to people in your industry or niche), has good contact points, is easy for Google to index and that takes ....time.

Why does SEO take so long? Sometimes small tweaks can have big results, like editing your site title or keywords. Other times you are in direct competition with other webpages.  Who gets what position is dictated by many different factors, including visitor numbers, "click through rating" "deep content" and site longevity, among a a host of other ranking factors.

Lets take an example. Site A is an industry leading company that has developed a well known product and is marketing this product across its paid, social and owned media. Site B is a new entrant to the market, but an active marketer with good SEO skills ...want to know what happened? Check out this article.

What if I just want something simple, like graphics or some site text? Each thing is a skill, it takes time to become a good artist or writer. While a good writer may be able to produce work quickly, that doesn't mean that good work can be quick work. 

The old joke is you can have two of "cheap," "fast" and "good," but never all three.

Can you do quick SEO?  Yes, a site audit is free.  We give you the right tools to do it DIY.

As Socrates said; "I can't teach anyone anything. I can only help you think."