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This generation is sometimes called the "i"generation. This term tilts at the narcissism, solipsism and nihilism developed by constant focus on the "screen," lack of social skills and a developed agenda to hide behind avatars, whether those be conformist mentalities, corporatism or locking yourself in your bedroom (Hikikomori).

If you are in Sales the information below might be useful, if you're not these tools may feel intrusive - both viewpoints are accepted.

"The biggest money is in the smallest sales." A key reason proposed for the success of Amazon, Ebay and Netflix. An update on the 80/20 Pareto to the "98% principle," advanced by Chris Anderson, in his book:"The Long Tail."

Subtext: I have to start this one by saying I'm not affiliated with FreshMail.com. I have used a lot of email based marketing software ...and most of them have a steep learning curve (I'll come back to this point later).