Be Seen!

Content management is a deep and textured topic. 

It must serve two masters. The first is readable, user friendly, accessible information and second is user friendly, accessible information...yes, you've read it correctly. If done the right way your reader and SEO requirements will be the same.  

We can draw inferences from this.  Don't try and cheat it. There are no quick miracles. 

Google wants you to create useful information, so does your readership. If you're not ranking on page 1, check the competition, your strategy, your audience. Where is the "sweet spot" in that mix?

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  • Content is the key to an interesting web presence.
  •  It is the management of your "presence"online or offline. 
  • It is brand, design, image, style, text, context.
  • It is archiving, distribution and reuse.

This does not mean you concentrate exclusively on your own site, rather it is a library, main source of reference and key contact point. 

Content is not only the material you produce today. It is access to that material, distribution, relevance to your audience, now and in the future, how it is interlinked and built upon.

Evergreen Content 

Evergreen content is/are good quality images and text which can be spread across multiple platforms, print publications and advertising materials. 

Thinking in advance that you will probably use something multiple times increases the quality you put into a piece of work. 

Follow the 80/20 rule on this - 20% of the time to make the content means 80% of the time to distribute, collate and recycle across different media. To put it another way 1 piece = 4 platforms.