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Digital Advertising - what is it? 

Tom Sawyer, Banksy, Pammie Anderson, Durex, Ronaldo, Cocaine, Elvis, Hendix and Hoovers. I said hoovers, not hooters! Advertising is a huge subject, covering all import, from the grand to the grime.

Someone wise once said that a business is two things - 

" One to make and another to sell.

The common factor in my list is uniqueness (USP).

                    Advertising is the middle bit between making and selling!

  To advertise presents something in its best light, showing features (description), advantages (comparative) and (emotional) benefits (FAB). 

Advertising is a brutally real art form - if you cannot grab attention, you fail. Your job is to manipulate emotion to sell a product or experience. 

"Hard drugs - Light sentence."

The first thing you'll notice about major advertisers is that they rarely deviate from standard themes. Mainly because people's appetites have not changed much over time.

                 Format rarely changes.  An advertised object is given...

A high contrast background. 
Large central image
Simple clear message
Branded color scheme

Advertising works on emotion, desires and projections, fertile ground for suggestion, deceit and manipulation.

A history of advertising brings you up close some of the most manipulative souls to ever invent themselves. Yet it also shows how humans relate, emote and enjoy life.  

Advertising - "a locksmith's key to human consciousness"

Digital advertising provides plenty of binary opposites to twerk your cognitive dissonance...

"A fertile idea impregnates the mind. Too many ideas paralyze action."

Some basic suppositions - your audience is global + local

Your audience is connected + segmented.  Often that audience is atomised and individuated in reality, while social and collectivistic online.

By using any 1 channel in a multiverse, your audience and tools are self selected, i.e. Instagram - pictures, youth demographic, fashion conscious, mobile, imagistic, etc. 

Having a deluge of available information, your audience must filter content. How you address the filter is key to your online advertising success.

An old quote goes - "50% of advertising is wasted, but I don't know which half!" 

With modern analytics tools you know which half!

Knowing what works today, does not mean it holds true for tomorrow, when the attention span is so short. Pace of change is fast - "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."

Digital Advertising - Not Black and White. Most certainly not gray! 🐾