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Virtual Perfection, almost.

Advanced Digital...

Most companies make stark choices in regard to digital marketing

  • Hire a fresh intern and let the little mite run riot on Facebook.
  • Go for some preppy hipster agency charging monumental amounts for stereo typing.
  • Or dump the lot on a marketing/sales manager, valiantly expecting to crunch the big dogs of digital media with a rolodex and a bookie's pencil.

What's that line about bringing a knife to a pun fight? 

Get you the talent you need at the price you want. Train the talent you already have, but better. Work with partners who bring real bang for your buck...

"Seems like a pipe dream."​ Really - Southwest, Ryanair and Easyjet revolutionized air travel by democratizing value  - why can't we do the same to digital?   

You need to understand what "digital" means. It guides everything that follows. 

 Twenty years ago you won business by being "A" on the Golden Pages.  Does that work now? Do car companies have one site on one channel in 1 country? 

Digital Disruption? You've got it!